Management Fees

Service charges: All fees are non-refundable
Service fees are subject to change at any time.



Flight/Rail Only Reservations:

  • $25/ticket Tickets within the US or similar time zone destination
  • $50/ticket Long-haul international flights – multiple time-zone jump
    If a second ticket is required within the same travel itinerary (i.e. traveling out on one airline and back on another) an additional $10/ticket will apply

Concierge Services
Entrance or Museum Tickets/Cruise Excursions/Dinner Reservations/Other Pre-Arranged Services made direct or online

  • $25/person       Up to 3 confirmations
  • $50/person       4 – 8 confirmations
  • $100/person     Unlimited

Last-minute travel
Travel request within 45 days of departure ~ travel documents will be e-docs.

  • $25 for single destination
  • $50 for multi-destination



Cancellation and change fees will automatically be applied to credit card provided for travel services:


  • 10% of the total trip cost plus applicable supplier fees


  • $50/person for changes including adding or removing travelers to the booking plus applicable supplier fees


PLANNING/RESEARCH SERVICES (all fees are non-refundable):

Trip Requests:

A substantial amount of education and research is required to provide our clients the best recommendations. In order to provide the proper level of service to all clients, if your travel reservation isn’t confirmed within 60 days of sending your travel quotes, a research fee will be charged to your credit card. An initial complimentary consultation via phone will be completed to first determine budget and preferred style of travel. The client will decide if/when they are ready to move forward with quotes by completing an authorization form.

  • $50      for US, Caribbean, Mexico or other more simple destinations
  • $100    for FIT itineraries (Flexible Independent Travel)
  • Additional fees are applicable for group travel. Amount will vary based on complexity.

Booking Management:

In order to provide our clients with the best services possible, an additional booking fee as outlined below will be charged at time of  deposit. By paying this fee, this allows our travel team to provide you; the traveler, with access to a secured site to provide payment and upload copies of passports, have access to our team or an emergency contact while you are traveling, and the ability to have your travel itinerary at your fingertips through a travel app called AXUS. Once you are ready to lock in your trip with deposit your booking management fee will be charged at that time.

  • $50 Non-Refundable Charge per booking for single destinations
  • $100 Non-Refundable Charge per booking for multi-country destinations

Destination Weddings:

  • $100 Non-Refundable Charge for US, Caribbean, or Mexico destinations
  • $300 Non-Refundable Charge for other destinations such as Europe, South Pacific, Australia, etc.

Itinerary Planning Only:

  • $50 + Based on complexity and number of destinations
    • Creating Travel Dreams will provide a recommended itinerary of a destination if you would prefer to make reservations on your own.


Express/Overnight Mail

  • $35