Service Fees

Service charges: All fees are non-refundable
Service fees are subject to change at any time.



Flight/Rail Only Reservations:

  • $25/ticket Tickets within the US or similar time zone destination
  • $50/ticket Long-haul international flights – multiple time-zone jump
    If a second ticket is required within the same travel itinerary (i.e. traveling out on one airline and back on another) an additional $10/ticket will apply

Concierge Services
Cruise Excursions/Dinner Reservations/Other Pre-Arranged Services made direct or online

  • $25 Up to 3 confirmations
  • $50 4 – 8 confirmations
  • $100 Unlimited

Last-minute travel
Travel request within 30 days of departure ~ additional express mail fees may apply

  • $25 for single destination
  • $50 for multi-destination



Cancellation and change fees will automatically be applied to credit card provided for travel services

  • $50/person Once deposit is applied plus applicable supplier fees
  • $100/person Once final payment has been processed plus applicable supplier fees



Destination Weddings

  • $50 One-Time Charge
    • Creating Travel Dreams offers a complimentary consultation appointment with the wedding couple to determine what style of destination and services they desire for the big day.
    • Once the Wedding Planning fee has been paid, Creating Travel Dreams will then begin to verify ceremony time and location availability.


Multiple Trip Request Services:

  • $50 One-Time Charge
    • If travel quotes have been provided on 3 separate occasions which do not result in confirmation, a planning fee will be required for future work.


Itinerary Planning Only:

  • $50 + Based on complexity and number of destinations
    • Creating Travel Dreams will provide a recommended itinerary of a destination if you would prefer to make reservations on your own.


Express/Overnight Mail

  • $35